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My Footwear

Shoes..... shoes, shoes, shoes, boots, shoes, shoes, boots and more shoes!

Did I mention that I have a bit of a fetish for feet and footwear?

Here is a sample of my most requested (and personal favourites).

If there are any here that you really like then I will be happy to wear them for you.

If you wish to buy me some shoes or boots to wear then I am size 4, wide fit - and I will be happy to wear them for you.

Click on images for larger pictures :)

  • shoes1s
  • shoes2s
  • shoes3s
  • shoes4s
  • shoes5s
  • shoes6s
  • shoes7s
  • shoes8s
  • shoes9s
  • shoes10s
  • shoes11s
  • shoes12s
  • shoes13s
  • shoes14s
  • shoes15s
  • shoes16s
  • shoes17s
  • shoes18s
  • shoes19s
  • shoes20s
  • shoes21s
  • shoes22s
  • shoes23s
  • shoes24s

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